Born Free Collection

Born Free Collection

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A franchise collection based on the classic film BORN FREE including the 1966 original, 1972 sequel, 1974 TV series, and the 1996 TV movie.

In 1960, a book written about raising an orphaned lion cub named Elsa and then releasing her back into the wild became a worldwide bestseller. Born Free was a game changer that essentially altered the way we perceive relationships between humans and animals. Because of the emotional bond George and Joy Adamson formed with Elsa, lions could no longer be dismissed simply as brutal killers to be shot while on safari. Elsa became an individual in the eyes of the world, and her story made her a symbol for all animals’ right to live free. Hollywood took the story to the next level with the 1966 release of the film based on the book. Starring real-life husband and wife Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna as George and Joy Adamson, it became a box office hit and award-winner and turned Travers & McKenna into wildlife activists in the process.

This deluxe collection includes the following films and TV series:

BORN FREE (1966)





Born Free:

Virginia McKenna (A Town Like Alice)

Bill Travers (Ring of Bright Water)

Geoffrey Keen (Moonraker)


Living Free:

Nigel Davenport (A Man for All Seasons)

Susan Hampshire (TV's Monarch of the Glen)

Geoffrey Keen (Born Free)


Born Free - The Complete Series:

Gary Collins (Airport)

Diana Muldaur (TV's L.A. Law)


Born Free - A New Adventure:

Jonathan Brandis (TV's SeaQuest 2032)

Ariana Richards (Jurassic Park)

Chris Noth (TV's Sex and the City)

Lea Moreno (TV's DAG)

Linda Purl (Mighty Joe Young)