Hans Christian Anderson Double Feature - My Life as a Fairy Tale & The Snow Queen

Hans Christian Anderson Double Feature - My Life as a Fairy Tale & The Snow Queen

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Hans Christian Andersen: My Life as a Fairytale
(2003) - Color - Not Rated
Starring: Kieran Bew, Emily Hamilton, Flora Montgomery, James Fox, Simon Callow

Hans Christian Andersen created a world that lived in the imagination. His 168 stories including, "The Little Mermaid," "Thumbelina," "The Emperor’s New Clothes," and "The Snow Queen" have become part of our tradition.
“There will come a day when all of Copenhagen will be lit up in your honor.” It’s a gypsy’s prophecy to fifteen-year-old Hans Christian Andersen. The only child in a wretchedly poor family in the Danish village of Odense, Hans lives in a fantasy world. His hand carved dolls and puppets, his father’s bedtime stories, and his own natural flair for fantastic tales brings the child temporary escape. It takes him all the way to Copenhagen where, he’s been told, dreams can really come true.
Charmed by this unusual young man are the distinguished Jonas Collin (Golden Globe-nominee James Fox, Gulliver's Travels) and his daughter Jette (Emily Hamilton, David Copperfield). As wealthy as they are kind, they make their lavish home his. They’re also charmed by Hans’ fondness for turning all he sees—from a little match girl to a swan to a pair of ballet slippers — into entertaining and wonderous tales. When Collin introduces him to a publisher, Hans not only sees that his dreams are within reach, but also the opportunity to touch the world with an imagination that would one day become immortal.

Snow Queen 
(2002) - Color - Not Rated 
Starring Bridget Fonda, Jeremy Guilbaut, Chelsea Hobbs

Once A Year She Rises. For One Season She Reigns.
Filled with magic, danger, and sweeping adventure, this Hans Christian Andersen classic follows a young girl into a fantastic and unknown world of legend and superstition where love unfolds as the greatest mystery of all.
Gerda (Chelsea Hobbs, Pasadena) lives with her bitter father, Wolfgang (Robert Wisden, Harvey), in the remote and virtually empty northern hotel they run together. Neither speaks of the terrible night years ago when a fierce winter storm claimed the life of the young girl’s dear mother. Isolated, Gerda finds consolation in her growing attraction to Kai (Jeremy Guilbaut, Edgemont), the hotel’s handsome young bellboy, who has found a place in his heart for Gerda as well. As foreboding snow clouds gather, an unexpected guest arrives for a single night’s stay. She is swathed in white fur and diamonds, guarded by wolves, and covered in a spray of freshly fallen snow. With a glacial stare that can freeze this blood, the cold and nameless goddess sets her sights on Gerda’s true love. Then, in the middle of the night, the woman vanishes, as mysteriously as she arrived. All that remains of Kai is a note he has left for Gerda containing only two ominous words: help me.
As the spring thaw arrives, so does Gerda’s courage to discover what has become of Kai and the woman she has dubbed the "Snow Queen" (Emmy and Golden Globe nominee Bridget Fonda,Point of No Return). Her quest leads her into the clutches of a witch with uncanny powers and keen insight into Gerda’s past. It brings her into the dungeon of a ruined castle where nightmares come true. It guides her to a fantastic palace of living dreams where polar bears speak and a princess reigns supreme. It whisks her through each of the four seasons and, finally, to the edge of world, toward the blinding northern lights, where an impenetrable house of ice holds the secrets to a mystery frozen in time. On this cold winter’s night, the Snow Queen is waiting.
In the spectacular tradition of Merlin and DinotopiaSnow Queen dazzles the eye with startling, state-of-the-art special effects, rouses the spirit with suspense and fantastic adventure, and warms the heart with a love story for all seasons.