Party of Five - The Complete Series (DVD)

Party of Five - The Complete Series (DVD)

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Join the party with one of TV's best-loved series!

After the sudden loss of their parents, the Salinger children must band together to keep their own lives on track, discovering first loves, last calls, and themselves along the rocky road to growing up. Headlined by a young, sexy cast this highly-rated, long-running series firmly found its place as a pop culture phenomenon for all ages.

  • Won the Golden Globe® for Best Drama TV Series in 1996.
  • Launched the careers of Neve Campbell, Scott Wolf, Lacy Chabert, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Matthew Fox
  • In 1995, TV Guide named the series The Best Show You're Not Watching.
  • First time ever available in its entirety (first time Seasons 4-6 available at retail)

Contents :

Season One

Party Of Five
Good Sports
Worth Waiting For
All's Fair
Fathers And Sons
Much Ado About Nothing
Kiss Me, Kate
Something Out Of Nothing
Private Lies
Games People Play
Grown Ups
Not Fade Away
It's Not Easy Being Green
In Loco Parentis
Who Cares?
Brother's Keeper
The Trouble With Charlie
The Ides Of March

Season Two

Ready or Not
Dearly Beloved
Have No Fear
Change Partners... and Dance
Where There's Smoke
Best Laid Plans
The Wedding
Grand Delusions
Unfair Advantage
Hold On Tight
Poor Substitutes
Strange Bedfellows
Comings and Goings
Valentine's Day
Before and After
Altered States
Happily Ever After
Spring Breaks: Part 1
Spring Breaks: Part 2

Season Three

Summer Fun, Summer Not
Going, Going, Gone
Short Cuts
Deal with It
Mixed Signals
Going Home
Personal Demons
Not So Fast
Gimme Shelter
Close to You
I Do
Desperate Measures
Life's Too Short
Significant Others
I Declare
Misery Loves Company
Point of No Return
The Intervention
Hitting Bottom
Leap of Faith
Promises, Promises
A Little Faith
You Win Some, You Lose Some

Season Four

What a Drag
Past Imperfect
Fight or Flight
Immediate Family
Positive Attitude
Sickness, Health/Richer, Poorer
Truth Be Told
S'Wunnerful Life
Empty Shoes
Parent Trap
Of Human Bonding
Here and Now
I Give Up
Of Sound Mind and Body
True or False
Go Away
Square One
Free and Clear
Opposites Distract
Fools Rush In
Fools Rush Out

Season Five

Moving On
Separation Anxiety
Naming Names
A Mid-Semester's Night Dream
The Baby
Forgive and/or Forget
Tender Age
Love and War
One Christmas to Go
Rings of Saturn
Witness for the Persecution
Fillmore Street
Stand by Me
Whatever Works
Party of Freud
Driven to Extremes
Judgment Day
The Wish
Get Back
I'll Show You Mine
Otherwise Engaged

Season Six

Don't Let Go
Bye, Bye, Love
Wrestling Demons
The Shortest Distance
Too Close
We Gather Together
Fate, Hope and Charity
Ties That Bind
Dog Day After New Year
Fear and Loathing
Bad Behavior
The Declaration of Co-Dependence
One for the Road
What If...
Blast the Past
Getting There
Too Cool for School
Isn't It Romantic
Great Expectations
Taboo or Not Taboo
Falling Forward
All's Well...
...That Ends Well